ISD Leadership Change

At the conclusion of 2015, ISD completed a significant change in leadership. Joseph F. Morin, the long-standing CEO of ISD, officially retired, and Paul D. Byrnes assumed the CEO duties. Paul, along with Joseph, was one of the founding ISD Principals, established in 1994.

Paul D. Byrnes, formerly the ISD CTO, and now the ISD President and CEO, talked about the recent ISD changes. “My long time business partner, Joseph, has been preparing for retirement for several years now. In light of this, and the on-going maturation and evolution of our process improvement industry, the company has been restructuring its operations for quite some time. This leadership change culminates a plan that we embarked on in 2013 and executed with a flourish to close out 2015. We wish Joseph a long and healthy retirement, and look forward with great excitement to the next chapter of ISD’s growth.”