In partnership with ITSqc, LLC (IT Services Qualification Center), ISD is authorized to provide training, consulting, and formal evaluation services using the eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP v2) eSCM-SP model and determination method. Among a highly successful and fast-growing group of companies (including Accenture, Satyam, and IBM), ISD is working with organizations to implement proven best practices among e-enabled service providers worldwide. This innovative model is composed of 84 practices that define critical capabilities needed to remain competitive among IT-enabled service providers.

If your organization provides such services, the eSCM-SP V.2 model can help you improve key customer and internal processes to achieve breakthrough performance. If your organization outsources its IT-intensive business activities, the eSCM-SP V.2 model can help you evaluate your current suppliers, determine your supplier risk, or serve as a benchmark against which to evaluate prospective suppliers.

We are developing an international capability to provide authorized Lead Evaluators and Team Members to perform determinations, all the way from Mini-Self Evaluations to Full Evaluations for formal ITSqc certification.

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