Client Concern

The global information systems division of this organization was challenged by their CIO to achieve SEI Level 2 using the CMMI V1.1 SE/SW. The improvement leadership team determined that in order to achieve uniformity across geographic and internal organizational boundaries, they would relay on the services of a single supplier.

In the Summer of 2003, ISD was contacted with the requirement to roll out a global program of uniform training and appraisal services leading up to and including SCAMPI at Level 2 during 2004.

ISD Solution

ISD quickly assigned a program manager with responsibility for coordinating global customer requirements and harnessing the internal resources necessary to meet these requirements. Working with the client, training requirements were identified. Specific organizations and necessary appraisals (Class B, Class A) were also determined and scheduled by the Program Manager.

To deliver a uniform suite of services, an Engagement Model was developed, agreed upon and published. This document detailed the steps necessary to perform training or appraisal services; individual ISD and client roles and responsibilities, engagement milestones, deliverables and timing. This document formed the basis of our tracking capability.

In support of the goal for uniform services, ISD consolidated, obtained approval and baselined training and appraisal assets. These included training materials, planning and briefing templates, and Appraisal Wizard initialization files complete with instructor and appraisal team leader guidance documents. All Lead Appraisers assigned to this important client received training on the client organization, its cultural environment, available assets and reporting responsibilities. ISD also trained users in the setup and use of Appraisal Wizard for readiness and appraisal conduct.

A project leader was assigned to consolidate engagement planning and tracking activities. This ensured that planning work products met requirements and service milestones were achieved as scheduled.


In less than 18 months, ISD organized and rolled out a program of services that involved more than 20 ISD consultants training 100 team members to support nearly 50 appraisals in 7 countries, ultimately leading to successful completion of more than 20 SCAMPI appraisals meeting client maturity level goals. Client surveys indicated that overall customer satisfaction was high with respect to expectations, our services, timing, quality and competency of our consultants.