Maximize profits and minimize risks while achieving quality goals and competitive advantage through “best practice” process implementation.

Our Integrated System Framework (ISF) helps your organization identify, implement and appraise processes against multiple models, standards and best practices in a structured, effective, and integrated way.

Organizations increasingly face the challenge of adding value to the business through process standards compliance and corporate governance. Have you asked any of the following questions?

  • How can I create a management system based on models and best practices that really adds value, helps me manage my risks and allows me to achieve competitive advantage?
  • How can I create a process management system without having to constantly deal with the management of the underlying multiple models, standards, frameworks, vendors, etc?
  • Can our company reduce complexity and costs by integrating our process improvement programs (ISO9001, CMMI, ITIL, Six Sigma, etc)?
  • Can our company appraise or/and audit internal and supplier management systems in an efficient way using an integrated framework?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ISF can help your organization.

With the ISF it is possible for companies to avoid redundancy, minimize complexity, reduce barriers and obstacles, and worse – ACHIEVE NO RESULTS, by undertaking a unified enterprise process improvement initiative.

  • Address a global, systemic enterprise problem of implementing, managing, maintaining, and complying with multiple process models, frameworks, standards, and methods.
  • The Integrated System FrameworkSM provides one part of a technical solution to client requirements for
  • Optimizing cost to effectively demonstrate ongoing process adherence to multiple standard models.
  • Leveraging process investments across the enterprise to increase effectiveness of process improvement efforts.

Increasing synergy across business areas to improve process implementation efficiency