ISD, the industry-leading appraisal method development and delivery company, designed the Appraisal Wizard product suite with your complex compliance management requirements and needs in mind.

To obtain a time limited version of the Appraisal Wizard product suite, please contact Mike Simmons at 1 813-902-0402 or send an email requesting a download link.

Whether implementing multiple standards, deploying internal organizational standards, leading internal audits, or preparing for externally led appraisals, the Appraisal Wizard family supports your needs.

We don’t just sell these tools – our Certified Lead Appraisers use these tools on their own accounts. We designed these tools to make planning, preparing and conducting audits as efficient and effective as possible. AW automates many common data management tasks, so our clients find that establishing and maintaining appraisal readiness is much simpler, and appraisal results are more comprehensive. Try Appraisal Wizard. You won’t want do an appraisal without it again.

Use Appraisal Wizard and Model Wizard to streamline your appraisal process:

  • Produce higher quality, more detailed results
  • Reduce effort needed to collect, organize and prepare objective evidence and other supporting information.
  • Reuse appraisal results as a baseline for subsequent or incremental appraisals.
  • Reduce organizational impact by conducting informal and formal appraisals against one or multiple models concurrently.
  • Communicate status, progress and appraisal results through automatically generated reports.