Accelerate your process improvement program with ISD’s executive seminars. Executives need solid information before committing resources to improvement or innovation strategies; our experts bring senior management up to speed on the current trends, procedures, costs, benefits and risks of process improvement, enabling you to support excellence in your organization.

We offer executive seminars to focus upon any of the topics described below. We tailor these offerings to meet your organization’s present goals. These briefings provide leaders with guidance on the technical aspects of process change management and an understanding of how best to exercise their leadership to champion process improvement. Common focus areas are listed below.

Capability Maturity Model Integrated

We describe CMMI, a model of the practices an organization uses to define, implement, measure and improve its processes. We also present a tested process improvement life cycle for implementing CMMI-based improvement programs, presenting cost/benefit and risk-related data.

SCAMPI Appraisals

ISD outlines the relationship between the SCAMPI method and the CMMI, explaining the site visit process and the use of SCAMPI by industry and government in acquisitions, process monitoring and internal process improvement.

Comprehensive Appraisal Method

The Comprehensive Appraisal Method has been developed by ISD to allow organizations to assess their process capabilities against any standard or model, including the CMMI, international standards and internal standards. ISD explains the method and its application, preparing you to make decisions regarding implementation.

Technology Transition

The successful implementation of process improvement rests directly upon all players’ willingness and ability to change and adapt to new processes. ISD has designed a briefing to teach practitioners how to facilitate change for members of an organization undergoing transition. We discuss documented transition models and how to apply them wisely in specific, real-world contexts. Addressing the specific technical concerns of your organization, we enable you to facilitate change by setting expectations and goals.

Process Improvement

ISD’s experts join your team to help define the benefits of process improvement, estimate needed resources, and prepare a road map for moving your process improvement program forward. In this one-day seminar, we describe the components of a software process improvement program, detailing the benefits and costs of model-based process improvement, CMMI concepts and effective approaches to implementation. Catch onto the basics of process improvement and understand your role in facilitating its implementation.