Model Wizard (MW) enables organizations to manage compliance across many internal and external process standards. Organizations routinely must simultaneously comply with many standards, frameworks, and industry regulations. MW helps you manage this complexity in a much more integrated, effective, and efficient way.

Model Wizard adds incredible flexibility and power to the Appraisal Wizard family. Using Model Wizard, you can now manage your overall compliance programs in one tool. You can perform standard or custom appraisals or audits against any model when used with Appraisal Wizard. Add the power of Model Wizard to Appraisal Wizard to:

  • Import new model standards such as Sarbannes-Oxley, ISO 9001, ISO 15288, or the DMM or define internal standards to meet your specific needs.
  • Create and maintain relationships among model and standards using Model Mapper and use the maps to enforce consistent implementation.
  • Use Appraisal Wizard to conduct appraisals or audits against one or more models, meeting your specific compliance needs, and to monitor or compare compliance results and improvement progress over time.

Download a software demo from our Member pages to see how consistent appraisals or audits can be conducted automatically using Appraisal Wizard.