If your organization needs to baseline its current process capability, the ARC-Class C appraisal can get you moving.

An expert-driven assessment of process capability or maturity, ARC-Class C appraisals minimize the time, cost and organizational disruption associated with appraisal events. Appropriate for organizations beginning CMMI-based process improvement, the Class C appraisal is designed to prepare for a future ARC-Class B or formal SCAMPI Class A appraisal.

ISD conducts ARC-Class C appraisals using our own Comprehensive Appraisal Method (CAM), which relies on discovery methods and uses the same basic steps outlined in the full SCAMPI Class A and ARC-Class B appraisal methods. ARC-Class C appraisals are, however, typically focused on a project or single Process Area to allow more in-depth review in a shorter time frame:

Plan and PrepareIdentify organizational and model scope, appraisal team, Prepare for data collection
ConductCollect, analyze and consolidate data
ReportDocument and present results

An ISD Team Leader spends several days leading your one- or two-person appraisal team. You emerge with an understanding of CMMI best practices as applied to your organization, as well as valuable and actionable insight into your organization’s standard process, including weaknesses and improvement opportunities.

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