ISD Announces New Generation of Appraisal Life-cycle Management with the Release of Appraisal Wizard V7.0

ISD Announces New Generation of Appraisal Life-cycle Management with the Release of Appraisal Wizard™ V7.0
Wednesday September 6, 9:00 am ET 
V7.0 offers advanced functionality to those responsible for enterprise process compliance management activities.

POCASSET, Mass., Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/—Integrated System Diagnostics Incorporated (ISD) today announced the release of Appraisal Wizard™ V7.0, delivering advanced functionality to those responsible for all enterprise process compliance management activities—from informal readiness reviews to full benchmarking appraisals or audits. This new functionality continues to improve the quality and reduce risks of compliance audits and other formal appraisal results by standardizing and automating key process activities.
Responding to user feedback, ISD has added new features and enhanced existing ones that improve overall compliance management and typical appraisal activities—plan, prepare, conduct and report. ISD has improved Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) support with additional features and made significant interface and security feature improvements to better support the user.

Improved capabilities include:

* Enhanced planning and scheduling features for estimating, managing

appraisal or audit process activities and monitoring key milestones.

Collecting time measures and reporting performance results against plan

is also supported.

* New evidence-mapping features to quickly map new evidence directly to

the reference model or standard and to maintain ongoing compliance


* Improved user “time-to-effectiveness” with new, user-selectable “look

and feel” interfaces, including new administration features, control

features, data presentation and reporting capabilities. The learning

curve has never been steeper.

* Maintain data integrity by employing new security and access control


“Appraisal Wizard V7.0 delivers the capabilities needed by our customers by extending key tool functionality and improving usability,” said Mike Simmons, ISD’s Vice President of Software Products. “Automating key compliance management activities enables users to focus on the quality and comprehensiveness of the results.”

“Appraisal Wizard has matured into a true enterprise tool capable of supporting broader, strategic compliance needs,” said Albert Soule, ISD’s Director of Business Development. “Coupled with ISD’s Model Mapper capabilities and Model Wizard, ISD is now capable of delivering a full compliance management solution.”

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Integrated System Diagnostics Incorporated (ISD) is a US-headquartered, multinational corporation dedicated to the dissemination and successful application of model-based process improvement technology. Based in Pocasset, Massachusetts, ISD is the premier, high value supplier of model based process improvement training, consulting, appraisal services and tools, for global commercial, aerospace and defense customers. ISD is a technology leader in the development of model-based appraisal methods and appraisal automation solutions.

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