ISD announces development of the Comprehensive Appraisal Method (CAM)

ISD has evolved and upgraded the SCE v3.0 product suite to the Comprehensive Appraisal Method (CAM) v1.0. CAM v1.0 now fully supports CMMI Class A, B & C appraisals and SCE.

The name has changed to more accurately reflect the flexibility of the method in supporting all capability maturity models, disciplines, and method application areas. Key method attributes of rigor, robustness, repeatability, and reliability that sponsors and users have come to strongly value in SCE are continued in the CAM.

This training enables you to implement the CAM in your organization without requiring a Lead Appraiser (although for benchmarking applications you will still require one). The CAM also allows for and provides examples of a valid Class A implementation of incremental/delta appraisal which answers the question, “What happens if I miss a [maturity] level by one goal?”

What about CMMI? CAM V1.0 fully supports Assessment ARC Class A, B, and C appraisal method requirements. CAM V1.0 continues to be CMM Appraisal Framework (CAF) compliant and supports CMM-based appraisals.

Although this training does not meet the requirements for participating on a SCAMPI V1.1 appraisal team, refresher training to upgrade from CAM V1.0 to SCAMPI V1.1, if desired, is available and can be delivered by our authorized Lead Appraisers. A draft version of the CAM was provided by ISD as an input method to the SCAMPIV1.1 development team.