Effective November 30th, 2007 – ISD makes personnel changes

From: Joseph F. Morin, CEO
Date: November 28, 2007
Subject: Announcement of ISD employee changes – ISD no longer employs Albert Soule and Deborah (Punjack) Hall.

To our valued clients and teaming partners:

Due to changing market conditions in the U.S., expanding market opportunities globally, and adjustments to ISD’s business model, this letter informs you that Albert Soule and Debbie (Punjack) Hall will no longer work for ISD as of 30 November.

We are sorry to lose Albert’s and Debbie’s contributions to the company and the dedication they exhibited in supporting our customers in their respective roles. We are happy that they will be able to dedicate more time to pursuing near term personal goals.

Albert’s and Debbie’s internal responsibilities for Business Development and Training Management and Administration, respectively, have been transitioned to other members of the Senior Management Team and Marketing and Sales personnel. Please contact Lisa Adams at 508-833-6475 or ladams@isd-inc.com for any information requests you might have concerning activities that were being handled by Albert or Debbie.

Albert’s customer responsibilities have been reassigned to other members of the Senior Management Team and Senior Members of the Technical Staff. We will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure a seamless hand-off on these account activities.

We wish Albert and Debbie all the best in their future endeavors and look forward to maintaining our personal relationships with them in the future.

Joseph F, Morin, 
Principal and CEO
Integrated System Diagnostics, Inc.

ISD to participate in the 7th Annual CMMI Technology Conference in Denver, CO

ISD will participate in the 7th annual CMMI Technology Conference in Denver, CO.

ISD will have a booth at this conference as well as couple of presenatations.

November 13th at 2:15pm be sure to see Paul Byrnes present Integrated System Framework: A Way out of the Multi-Model Madness. On November 15th at 10:15am please see Jackie Lawrence partnering with Gary Natwick from Harris to present: Process Compliance the Smart Way.

Make sure you stop by the booth to say hi.

ISD to Sponsor CHAOS University 2007 Executive Retreat

ISD sponsoring the CHAOS University Executive Retreat in conjunction with the Standish Group.

This retreat, to be held at one of the top 10 luxury resorts in the world, provides a platform for IT executives to explore what can be done to make projects more successful. Who or what do we need? A project manager with the right skills can greatly improve project success rates. The theme for CHAOS 2007 University is “Creating an SOA Pipeline.” The purpose of the event is to explore ways for executives to explore and to identify how to use SOA, project pipelining, the agile process with project management methods. This 2007 event will be held in Chatham, Massachusetts at the Chatham Bars Inn on September 24th and 25th.

click here for more details.

ISD to participate in the SSTC Conference in Tampa, Florida

ISD to participate in the SSTC Conference in Tampa, Florida. Please be sure to visit us at booth 402-404 from June 17th – June 20th.

About the SSTC:

A Forum for Systems & Software Professionals 
The Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC) is designed and dedicated to providing conference attendees with a broader knowledge of effective software strategies and technologies. SSTC brings experts from Academia, Industry and the Department of Defense together to study new technologies, network with each other and learn from Government Policy makers.

Paul Byrnes Presentation on Integrated Systems Framework from DC Spin meeting as well as SEPG 2007

The Integrated System Framework for Excellence (ISF) will help your organization identify, implement and appraise processes against multiple models, standards and best practicies in a very structured, rational and integrated way.

Please click here for the presentation on ISF

If you are interested in Pauls presentation from the SEPG conference on Lessons Learned please log into our members area!

Joseph Morin, CEO gets elected to the Partner Advisory Board

Joseph Morin, CEO of ISD gets elected to the newly created Partner Advisory Board. The SEI Transition Partners were invited to elect members to this board, Joseph is honored to have been voted on by his peers.

The Board’s primary function will be to provide input and recommendations to the SEI Partner Network regarding business decisions, policy changes and procedural changes.