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Webinar: Interpreting the New SCAMPI V1.3 Sampling and Coverage Rules and How They Are Supported in Appraisal Wizard

This will be the 3rd broadcast of this webinar. Prior attendees are welcome to attend and get refreshed on the subject matter. New attendees are welcome of course!

Technical Level: Assumes some SCAMPI knowledge

Target audience: Individuals trying to interpret and implement the new SCAMPI V1.3 sampling and coverage rules.

Abstract: With the SCAMPI V1.3 release, there has been a lot of confusion, misinterpretation, and concern about how to implement and ensure compliance with the new sampling and coverage rules. This webinar will discuss interpretative guidance and automated support to facilitate making these key decisions during appraisal planning.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand SCAMPI V1.3 sampling and coverage rules
  • Understand interpretations and likely consequences of these rules
  • Understand how Appraisal Wizard:

Supports making sampling and coverage decisions during appraisal planning

Supports calculation of project and org level characterization

Facilitates compliance with SCAMPI documentation requirements

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INCOSE Conference Nov 2010 Whitepaper – Effectively Managing Compliance

Corporations developing large complex products face a lot of challenges. Innovative products need to be market ready in time, in budget and with world class quality. Optimally suited processes are an important asset in meeting these goals. Being able to efficiently prove the compliance to a number of market relevant standards is an additional competitive advantage for organizations. Closely integrated process definition, implementation and PPQA activities enable organizations to reach these goals in a cost effective way. The key is to map the defined and implemented processes against those standards where compliance needs to be proven. Seamlessly integrated process management and PPQA tools will support organizations in implementing this approach. 

Find more info on this topic on the websites: and

To evaluate the described approach for your organization, please contact or for product trials and evaluations.

To contribute to the Open Source evolution of ISF e.g. to create official mappings, contact Renato Vasques [] and you will be added to the community.

Download a copy of the whitepaper

SPAMCAST 81 Paul Byrnes, Upcoming CMMI Release, Productivity and Velocity Episode

The interview in the SPaMCAST 81 is with Paul Byrnes. We discussed the upcoming release of the CMMI, Agile and the CMMI and process improvement in general. The interview is loaded with data for anyone that uses the CMMI or is involved with process improvement in general. Paul is a returning guest! If you have not listened to Paul’s first interview go back to SPaMCAST 63 (

Contact information for the Software Process and Measurement Cast
Voicemail: 1-206-888-6111


SPAMCAST 63 Paul Byrnes, CMMI and Process Improvement, Agile Estimation Part 3

Discusses the CMMI,Multiple Models and Process Improvement in todays financial environment.

The interview on Show 63 is with Paul Byrnes. We discussed the CMMI, Multiple Models and Process Improvement. In today’s financial environment it is important to know what drives good change and whether disparate models work well and play well together. This was one of the basic threads of our conversation.